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Who We Are

In the local dialect of the native Mapuche people, Aluantu means ‘bright shining sun’.

At Aluantu we are dedicated to freedom, connection, inner peace and harmony.

Get to know our facilitators who are here to help you discover and shine your inner Aluantu:

Gregory W. Locke
Gregory W. LockeFounder
Greg, our personal development coach, received his formal education in Communication and Social Design in Europe and the United States. After traveling extensively on a lifelong quest for meaning and truth, Greg had the realization that all life is interconnected. Our real journey occurs within us, when we open our hearts and allow Spirit to flow through. We embody our highest expression of spirit through our acts of service to others.

Focused and dedicated for the last 7 years, Greg is inspired to share his process of awakening and transformation with others and has created a program called ‘Tapestries’. Tapestries focuses on the transition from an ego-driven experience to a present, heart-centered experience. Greg’s warm-hearted and direct approach to inner transformation make his self-discovery workshops powerful, memorable and fun!

Jolynn Dupret
Jolynn DupretRetreat Facilitator & Holistic Health Instructor
Jolynn has been a practitioner and owner of her own business for massage, energy work, healing arts, and sensitive-intuitive for 26 years. She is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Fire-walking Instructor, Self Awareness Coach, Breath Awareness Practitioner and Reiki Master.

Through her practice and on going training, she has learned many tools to help guide others with their own personal growth and higher awareness. Her desire and life’s work is be open and aware when it comes to the needs of others, and to walk with Spirit in love, light and laughter.

She offers her truths and guidance to help others on their walk to a happy inner connection with life, self, and Spirit. She has a fun loving, happy go lucky attitude that is sure to inspire all that are around her.

Toby Pritchard
Toby PritchardRetreat Manager & Facilitator
Born in England, Toby is a certified instructor in Yoga for Higher Awareness and rock climbing. After 5 years of seeking answers in the mountains, Toby arrived in India where he discovered the transformative path of Gyana yoga, the yoga of wisdom which led to his study of Yoga for Higher Awareness.

He has found inspiration and fulfillment in sharing this pathway to inner peace and freedom. Toby’s wise and playful disposition, centered-ness, and strength of heart make it a delight when he is showing you the ropes on the mat and the rocks.

Christine Idilbi
Christine IdilbiOperations Manager & Retreat Facilitator
Christine has been teaching professionally for 13 years, and is certified in Pilates and Yoga for Higher Awareness. After owning her own Pilates studio in Northern California, she moved to Chile to share the joy and inner peace that she has discovered.

Highlighting our interconnectedness on and off the mat, Christine welcomes a warm-hearted inward practice, playfulness, and balance in all of her classes.

Cynthia Cittadino
Cynthia CittadinoSilent Retreat Manager & Yoga Teacher
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cynthia has been practicing yoga since childhood. Following her inner guidance, she became a certified instructor in Hatha Yoga and has been teaching for four years. She has developed a style that is suitable for all levels of participation, both gentle and stimulating, therapeutic and rejuvenating.

She also loves to capture the magical moments of life from behind her camera lens. At Aluantu, many memories can be cherished through her professional photography.

She lives to promote well being and peace and invites you to look inside and discover a healthier, more harmonious existence.