Aluantu in the tongue of the native Mapuche people, means ‘connecting to the light within.’

At Aluantu, we are dedicated to life long learning and personal transformation through the experience of connection; to nature, to others and to the light within ourselves.

We strive to bring you the highest quality learning experiences, facilitated by exceptional teachers, masters and healers, who are all contributing to our collective shift towards a life enhancing reality. We have the unprecedented opportunity to collaborate in the greatest learning experience of all time, supporting each other to transform, connect and evolve as one.

Our mission is to create a collaborative platform for sharing knowledge and spreading wisdom in which the rediscovery of the natural world,our spiritual journey inward and the authentic expression of who we are, can be shared in a safe and nurturing environment. We are founded on the belief that we are all part of an interconnected web of life and that each one of us contains an inner light that has the potential to illuminate when supported by a vibrant, social, spiritual and natural environment.

Through the nurturing of a culture that values cooperative sharing of our personal knowledge, we  instill in all humankind an awakening that will allow us to shift our collective consciousness.  This shift allows us to embrace our unity and meet the global challenges the human race currently faces.  We have the inner wisdom and can forge the will, to usher humanity into a new era of sustainable peace, prosperity and understanding.

Our conscious intention is to recognize our inner light and become the change we wish to see in the world.

Join us at our holistic healing and learning center in the Chilean Patagonia and embark on a journey in celebration of the human spirit.

Gregory W. Locke        

Co Founder of Aluantu

Greg, our personal development coach, received his formal education in Communication and Social Design in Europe and the United States. After traveling extensively on a lifelong quest for meaning and truth, Greg had the realization that all life is interconnected. He believes “our real journey occurs within us, when we open our hearts and allow Spirit to flow through and that we embody our highest expression of spirit through our acts of service to others.”

Focused and dedicated for the last 7 years, Greg is inspired to share his process of awakening and transformation with others and has created a program called ‘Spiral of Light’. This program focuses on the transition from an ego-driven experience to a present, heart-centered experience. Greg’s warm-hearted and direct approach to inner transformation make his self-discovery workshops powerful, memorable, and fun!

Helen Clark

Partner of Aluantu

Originating from Scotland, Helen’s love for travelling took her all over the world where she experienced diverse cultures, religions, and ways of living. She valued the time she spent in India which had a strong influence on her spiritual journey. She visited and lived in various communities including Findhorn Foundation, Osho and Auroville which all helped to deepen her understanding of community and connection. While travelling, she found her home and purpose here at Aluantu.

Helen is the organizational wizard, who’s discernment for honesty, keeps all the wheels turning in Aluantu. Not only does she work behind the curtains ensuring that everything flows smoothly, she is also on the forefront welcoming and accommodating guests with her open hearted and fun personality, making sure that everyone can feel as comfortable as possible.