Experiencing connection to nature

Planet earth is our home

Our health, wellbeing and ability to flourish are dependent on the diversity and vitality of all life forms expressed in nature and the living eco systems that sustain them. Grounded in the awareness of the effect our human culture has on the living environment that sustains us, we embrace our evolution towards a culture with the purpose of honoring this interrelationship with nature. Our ability to evolve as a species requires an understanding of human interdependence with all life.

When we turn to nature, we find reflections of our self.

Experiencing connection to others

We are all one and are all interconnected

We understand that our thoughts and actions affect not only ourselves, they also affect all those around us. From an evolutionary perspective we share the same origin and destiny. It is from our connection to each other and all life that we recognize a higher purpose and align our lives to the service of the collective good.

Collaboration provides the opportunity to contribute to something greater than ourselves, to share our unique gifts, to celebrate and experience joy and to see reflections of ourselves in each other. We believe in creating a culture of service, through the act of serving others we are served.

Personal expression inspires connection with others. When we express who we are, we offer others an insight into our reality, into our perspective of how we see and understand the world. Through this expression and sharing, we have the opportunity to enhance and expand our collective world view, allowing us to experience not only our own but also the reality of others.

Human expression, in its highest form, allows our spirit to communicate its truth, its authenticity. Meaningful and candid communication with ourselves and others nourishes our relationships and fosters a deeper connection. It requires from each of us the courage to be vulnerable and to speak our truth with honesty.

Expressing our needs sincerely, without judgment, reveals our true intention to share, to learn and to grow, it engenders in us genuine compassion and empathy.

Experiencing connection to self

We are spirit

When we reflect on our origins we sense that, fundamentally, we are spiritual beings having a human experience; mindfulness emanates from the celebration of this realization. By honoring our inner sacred space, we connect to our source, allowing the full expression of life. In gratitude we acknowledge this life flow; with dedicated spiritual practice, we learn to hear and trust our inner voice and are inspired to live a life of personal transformation, service and true empowerment.

Our conscious intention is to embrace our inner light and become the change we wish to see in the world.