Feel the transformative power of our personal development retreats, nourish your soul and deepen your practice with a yoga retreat, or rejuvenate your mind and body with a customised wellness programme.

Personal Growth


The Spiral of Light is a week long working retreat of self-discovery. This experience shows you how to move from fear-based living to love-based leadership, the leadership of the self.


February 8th – February 16th 2020

Immersive 9-day retreat with the world-renowned shaman, healer and ceremonial leader Brant Secunda in the spectacular landscape of Patagonia.

Experience ancient shamanic practices and ceremonies to empower your life and deepen your connection to nature. Step into an alternative reality where you are able to fully focus on your personal growth. Imagine a place where you can delve into ancient indigenous wisdom to heal your body, heart and spirit.

Sound Healing

Explore the ancient art of healing sound though Trans/Andean music.

February 2nd – February 8th  2020

The Sound Healing Retreat was a 6 day program of various workshops, meditations and teachings. This was an opportunity to experience the healing power of sound and music.

Yoga and Poetry

Yoga and poetry in the tranquil setting of Patagonia, Chile.

January 24th – January 31st  2020

An epic journey of self-inquiry, movement and imagination in this wild Patagonian wonderland!