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Personal Growth

The Spiral of Light

Pathways to Personal Awakening and Transformation

This 6 week retreat is the ongoing evolution of a quest that started many years ago, born from the desire to create a workshop that addressed our need to experience personal awakening, connection and transformation.

The program incorporates elements that we believe stimulate and nourish awakening.  Through an exploration of ancestral knowledge in areas including self inquiry, presence, creative expression, sound healing, plant medicine, nutrition, silent retreats, journaling, music, yoga, meditation, sweat lodges, adventures in nature and ecology to name a few, we discover glimpses of our true identity and potential.

As we are all students and teachers, one of the most powerful ways we learn is in environments when we share the knowledge and wisdom we have learnt on our journeys.  At Aluantu, we create safe and supportive environments that allow this human exchange to thrive.

Join us at our holistic healing and learning center in the Chilean Patagonia and embark on a journey in celebration of the human spirit.

More information to be posted here as it becomes available.