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Edible Forest Garden Course

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Join Ricarbol and his friends to learn about the beautiful gardens of the forest,

how we can enjoy its fruits and live in harmony with the magical nature around us.

(Course in Spanish with translation available)

What is a Edible Forest?

The edible forest is an agroforestry system based on the model of a natural forest. It is an orchard in which a great diversity of plants interact for the direct or indirect ecological beneficial and use of humans beings.

Through careful design these ecosystems, are biologically sustainable facilities for the production of food and other utilities, either for home use or the livelihood of an entire community.

Learn more about the Edible Forest here.

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to design and implement an edible forest in the Mediterranean and temperate climate of Chile, applicable to any place in the world.

  • Gain valuable experiential information about useful species – trees, shrubs, perennial herbaceous and climbing plants – in addition to knowing and tasting unusual foods.

  • Visit the millenary forest of the cold forest of Rupanco Lake to understand the ecology of the forests.

  • At the end of the course, a diploma will be awarded to each participant.

The contents of the course will also cover:

  • Introduction to Edible Forests – History – Ecosophy (Ecological Philosophy)

  • Ecology of the Forest Succession – Strata – Eco-services – Recognition of species

  • Establishment First steps: the creation of a meadow, From grass to edible forests

  • Design Principles of design Canopy, design and creation of guilds (polycultures)

  • Selection of species, Sustainable fertility, Miscellaneous

  • Medicinal plants: Nutritional properties, Bio-fertilizers, Nursery, Maintenance, Practicals and cultivation of mushrooms

*The workshop is in Spanish. English translation is available if needed.

(Please let us know if you require this service).

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