The power of intention setting

The week has been a powerful one. At its beginning we were invited by Greg to focus on a specific intention –  a quality we wished to be present with and embody for the day.

We were gathered in a circle, invited to place both our hands on top of each others, in the circle`s centre. One by one Greg asked us what our focus would be. What we would be placing in the precious space opened up in our presence. We ranged from love, clarity, peace, fun, possibility and hope. My own was personal power.

There`s something powerful in being witnessed when setting an intention. On our walk to work that morning – a kincho, a small abode, that´s being built on the land here – Greg, was playing the trickster. He asked people in unassuming moments ´what are you living at the moment?´

Unprompted I decided to tell him, ´I am a powerful being of infinite potential´. Our eyes met. He said, “I really see that in you.”

Having an affirmation witnessed and then mirrored back is a revelationary process. In the moment of contact a deeper connection forms, a thread in the rope of the relationship is woven.

The exercise was extended throughout the week. At lunch, or mid point through a conversation Greg would ask what we are in that present moment. Sometimes it took us a moment to connect with what we were really being asked. The question prompted us all to reflect and act upon our presence.

I feel as though I´ve grown as a result of setting the intention and have begun to come out of myself and blossom. I still have depths to access and facets of myself to celebrate and share with the community here. I am in no rush. Look at the flower and consider the time it takes for it  to open and celebrate its existence to life. All unfolds at the rhythm and pace nature calls for.

Until next time my beloveds, be well.

In power, yours,

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