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Edible Forest Garden Course

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Join Ricarbol and his friends to learn about the beautiful gardens of the forest,

how we can enjoy its fruits and live in harmony with the magical nature around us.

(Course in Spanish with translation available)

What is a Edible Forest?

The edible forest is an agroforestry system based on the model of a natural forest. It is an orchard in which a great diversity of plants interact for the direct or indirect ecological beneficial and use of humans beings.

Through careful design these ecosystems, are biologically sustainable facilities for the production of food and other utilities, either for home use or the livelihood of an entire community.

Learn more about the Edible Forest here.

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to design and implement an edible forest in the Mediterranean and temperate climate of Chile, applicable to any place in the world.

  • Gain valuable experiential information about useful species – trees, shrubs, perennial herbaceous and climbing plants – in addition to knowing and tasting unusual foods.

  • Visit the millenary forest of the cold forest of Rupanco Lake to understand the ecology of the forests.

  • At the end of the course, a diploma will be awarded to each participant.

The contents of the course will also cover:

  • Introduction to Edible Forests – History – Ecosophy (Ecological Philosophy)

  • Ecology of the Forest Succession – Strata – Eco-services – Recognition of species

  • Establishment First steps: the creation of a meadow, From grass to edible forests

  • Design Principles of design Canopy, design and creation of guilds (polycultures)

  • Selection of species, Sustainable fertility, Miscellaneous

  • Medicinal plants: Nutritional properties, Bio-fertilizers, Nursery, Maintenance, Practicals and cultivation of mushrooms

*The course is in Spanish. English translation is available if needed.

(Please let us know if you require this service).

Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.
~ Bill Mollison (Author of Permaculture)

Personal Growth

Spiral of Light

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Identify and breakthrough destructive behaviour patterns, meditate deep in the old growth forest, let your creativity shine and open your heart through experiential-learning with our Spiral of Light program. 

Aluantu has developed a series of exercises that inspire ‘ah-hah’ moments and take “mind learning” into “heart knowing”. Whatever you choose, our dedicated staff is here to guide you for an experience of a lifetime that will inspire long-lasting transformation and success.

This week long personal growth program includes;

Tapestries with Greg:

  • Learn to identify negative patterns and transform them into positive, life enriching habits

  • How to harness the power of the mind

  • Manifest a life of joy and purpose

 Healing Workshops:

  • Express yourself with Self Expression with Ecstatic Dance

  • Open your heart and heal with Non Violent Communication (NVC)

  • Purify your body and mind with our Temazcal (sweat lodge) session

Health & Fitness

  • Join us for our optional Pilates & Yoga classes

  • Explore the abundant forests on our nature walks or on your own trail

  • Refresh yourself and swim in pristine lake Rupanco    

Click here to see a sample schedule.

*All programs are in English. Spanish translation is available if needed.

(Please let us know if you require this service).

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become” ~ Buddha


The Healing Way of Huichol Shamanism

The Huichol Tribe

The Huichol (Wixaritari) are a small indigenous tribe of approximately 35,000, living in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. They are considered one of the last cultures in North America to have maintained their pre-Columbian traditions unto the modern day.

Origins of the Deer Dance Ceremony

According to Huichol cosmology, the origins of this ceremony date back to the birth of the Sun. The dance is a reenactment of creation itself and honors our sacred relationship to the light. Kauyumari (The Magical Deer Spirit) is representative of our super-conscious mind and acts as an intermediary between our hearts and the spiritual world of nature.

Click here to read more about Brant’s incredible story of initiation into shamanism.

To read Joel Hersch’s heart warming and inspiring article on how the healing power of shamanism can be integrated into our modern daily lives, click here.

Glance at our ‘visiting facilitators‘ page or visit www.shamanism.com to learn more about the amazing life of Brant Secunda.

If you have any questions please get in touch and email us through our contact section.

This 8 day spiritual retreat with Brant Secunda includes:

  • Learn shamanic practices to connect with the 4 directions

  • Empower your dream state through daily morning ritual

  • Sing ancient chants to open the heart

  • Practice the art of pilgrimage to connect with Places of Power

  • Dance your prayers into the altar of Mother Earth

Click here to join the event

For assistance with air travel, please contact Peter Silberschatz at Travel Works – toll free (800) 874-7207 or international +1 (415) 897-4405. “

Interior Evolution – a therapeutic use of Ayahuasca 

 Peruvian shaman Wilder Sánchez Muñoz, a direct descendant of the legendary Shipibo family lineage shares this ancient and powerful medicine for 7 days for those who are in search of truth, healing, love and happiness. 

By working with Ayahuasca, this benevolent jungle medicine can help to show you these qualities in your own Self.

The Medicine

The Ayahuasca medicine is a mixture of two Amazonian plants (Ayahuasca and Chacruna) and has been used by the indigenous people of the Amazon for thousands of years in order to expand their consciousness, heal their past hurts and understand the mysteries of life.

In recent years, its psychotherapeutic use has expanded throughout Europe and Latin America. Thousands have testified to its healing power alongside numerous scientific studies that have confirmed this to be so. It is an extraordinary tool of psychotherapy that helps us to tackle deep issues and traumas within ourselves.

By clearing these, our natural joy is revealed. 

Schedule & Format

  • During the days of ceremonies only breakfast and lunch will be served.

  • Each ceremony will begin at 8pm, and lasts up to 8 hours.

  • Each person will have their own insulating mat and warm blankets. We also recommend bringing your own sleeping bag and additional warm clothing.

  • The following day will be reserved for you to take some time to yourself to rest, reflect on your experience and share at a group sharing circle if you wish. Counselling is also available if you wish. 


Many people can participate with Ayahuasca treatment but there are a few very important restrictions to know.

People who cannot participate for medical reasons are:

  • Pregnant women 

  • Those with cardiovascular problems, cardiac, severe hypertension, recent bone fractures and surgeries

  • Those who have mental disorders, certain psychiatric diagnoses or epilepsy

  • Those with acute infectious diseases, and/or currently use pharmaceutical medical treatment (natural or synthetic).

Medical treatments in conflict include:

  •  Antidepressants such as SSRIs, MAOS; weight loss pills, antihypertensives, asthma and flu medications, anti-fungal, nervous system depressants. If you have a cold or flu, do not take any influenza

  • Medication that acts on the central nervous system

These medications should be suspended at least 15 days prior to ingestion. 

Medication allowed: 

• For diabetes, arterial hypertension (which does not act directly in the central nervous system) and thyroid regulators. In case of psychiatric medication or acting in the central nervous system it is absolutely necessary to consult your doctor. 

Preparatory Diet 

Contact with the medicine depends, to a large extent, of preparing the body with a responsible and conscious diet. 

The ritual framework of the ceremony begins in the days leading up to the ceremony, where the body, mind and heart are prepared, adjusting to a vegetarian diet. It is advisable to work with the humble intention of learning and with great respect for the sacred space. 

 It is necessary to observe, at least one week before:

  • A rigorous vegetarian diet

  • To abstain from any meat (pork, beef, chicken or seafood). White fish okay if you really need it

  • To abstain from drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs

  • To abstain from sex or release through orgasm

 Other foods to avoid at least 3 days before:

  •  Caffeinated products, strong and aged cheeses, processed foods and junk food

 Recommended Foods: 

  • Fruits, Vegetables and Legumes, Natural Salad Dressing, Salts and Vitamins

  • Rice, Pasta, Cereals and Grains 

  • Basic dairies such a Milk and Cheese, Yogurt and Lactose products

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of Ayahuasca:

  • Cleansing of bodily toxins

  • Increase in self awareness

  • Helps to override negative patterns of thought, addiction

  • Expands our understanding of life events

  • Promotes the healing of painful memories

  • Access to deeper levels of contentment, peace and natural joy 

  • Guides us to the self knowing of our Soul.

“A warrior must assume responsibility for being here, in this marvellous world, in this marvellous time. “

~ Don Juan

Silent Forest Retreat

Retreat open upon request: Open for Volunteers, Closed to Public

Enquire for Details

We welcome you to join us for a silent retreat in the optimal, supportive environment of the forest, to experience the power of the silence inside you and focus on returning to our natural state of presence.

When you arrive at Aluantu, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. We’ll introduce you to our common spaces for the Silent Forest Retreat, including our central cabin for mealtime, water stream, garden, and viewpoints to see the volcanos and lake. After your orientation, we’ll commence our mutual silence for the duration of the retreat.

Different from many other silent retreats, our only scheduled time for the group to gather is at meals. During the day, we encourage you to harness the power of the silent forest to look within yourself.

The retreat program includes:

  • A private space to pitch a tent or hang your hammock, deep in the old growth forest. There you’ll have your own personal fire pit, minimalist outhouse, and a space for contemplation.

  • Two on-site retreat facilitators, available day and night, providing meals and support if needed. Our facilitators will also be in silence throughout the retreat.

  • Two vegetarian meals per day, breakfast and lunch cooked on site.

You can choose to stay for a minimum of 7 days, or up to 12 days.

 Participation is by Donation

Each guest who attends the Silent Forest Retreat is given this gift by a previous guest. There is no charge for meals, camping or support. All retreats are on a voluntary donation basis. At the end of your stay, if you have benefited from the experience, you are welcome to donate for the coming course, according to your volition and your means.


We have up to 8 spaces available.We typically host our Silent Forest Retreat two times per month. To search our available dates, please click here to view our Retreat Calendar.

What to bring:

Tent, sleeping bag and any camping equipment useful to you

Flashlight / headlamp and thermos

Rain jacket and trekking boots or wellies

Optional: watch, additional water bottle

What not to bring:

Food and Electronic equipment – i.e phone, computer

Books and Musical Instruments

 How to Book

Before making your reservation, we first ask you to answer a simple questionnaire to better understand your background & experience with this type of retreat.

Click here to download the questionnaire. (Haga clic aquí para la versión en español).

Please send your form to contact@aluantu.org. Once we receive this, we’ll respond by e-mail to confirm your reservation, which is free of charge.

Now that you know a little about the retreat, we encourage you to review:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Release Form (signed on arrival).

All programs are in English and Spanish.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us through our contact section.

“To listen to the silence, wherever you are, is an easy and direct way of becoming present” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga for Higher Awareness

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Originating in India, the term Yoga means ‘Union’ referring to the alignment of our body and mind with Spirit. It helps to eliminate the many afflictions we suffer from today; self-defeating behaviors, alienation, anxiety and fear. From physical postures to breath control to meditation, Yoga is a practical and powerful method that awakens us to our inherent happiness, joy and freedom.

Our daily yoga practice has three parts:

Energization Exercises

Created by Paramahansa Yogananda (who brought Yoga to the West) these exercises are designed to recharge and harmonize the whole body over a 15 minute period. Through the proper use of will, these 39 unique exercises, improve circulation, respiration, digestion, resurrects dying tissue cells, helps to form millions of new cells and enhances mental functions. It is a gentle yet restorative way to begin each day.

Yoga for Higher Awareness

Step into your inner power with this 45 minute sequence of poses (asanas). They strengthen the body, focus the mind with positive affirmations and release trapped energy. This style of yoga increases the current of energy that flows from the base of the spine through the energy centers (chakras) and into the brain, uplifting our consciousness and increasing our awareness. 


Entering into the stillness of meditation for the remaining 30 minutes, our teachers offer techniques to deepen your practice and inner peace.

Restorative Yoga will also be offered Wednesday evenings.

Other Areas of Yoga we offer

  • Jnana Yoga (The Yoga of Self Knowledge)

A question and answer Satsang is offered twice a week, with Toby Pritchard, for those that want to share their experiences on the spiritual path and ask any questions left unresolved. Jnana Yoga is an introspective approach that is a tool for clearing the mind of false perceptions, uprooting the ego and pointing us to the ever present Truth of who we are. One-on-one sessions are also included upon request for those that prefer a more private setting.

Every morning after breakfast we offer a 90 minute class with Toby Pritchard or Christine Idilbi. Together they will cover the main subjects of Yoga such as; philosophy, nutrition and diet (Ayurveda), healing through the chakras, relationships and consciousness.

  • Bhakti Yoga (The Yoga of Devotion)

Bhakti yoga is all about cultivating love and compassion for all beings by opening the heart through singing and chanting. Join us for our lakeside evening campfires where you can cozy up with a blanket and a cup of tea under the stars. Sing along or enjoy just the music!

  • Karma Yoga (The Yoga of Selfless Action)

Karma Yoga is the process of selfless service. By giving to others without expecting anything in return, we receive abundantly and purify ourselves of self centered-ness. At Aluantu, we live by this attitude daily. If you are inspired to join our program and stay with us in exchange for serving your fellow group members, we have a few spaces reserved for karma yogis each retreat.

Click here to see the sample schedule.

To search our Yoga Retreat dates, please click here to view our Retreat Calendar.

*All programs are in English. Spanish translation is available if needed. (Please let us know if you require this service).

If you have any questions please get in touch and email us through our contact section.

“Stillness is the altar of Spirit.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda