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The Main Lodge acts as the heart of Aluantu.

Inside you can cozy up next to our wood burning stove and gaze over the pristine waters of the lake with a cup of tea or a fresh juice.

Surrounding the Lodge, you can take a stroll on one of the many paths that lead to the lakeside beach, waterfall, Mandala Garden or into the mystical forest. You can also relax in the nearby flower garden or spa, to reflect and rejuvenate in the silence of nature or meditate in the Temple.

With the help of the Rupanco Ecology Center (our sister project), our goal is to be completely self-sustainable.

We grow vegetables in our fields, herbs in our gardens and fruits in our orchards. We also have a large greenhouse, livestock and a growing bee colony.

Living in harmony with nature, nourishes ourselves and the Earth. Everything is united in Spirit.

We serve a daily menu of delicious and healthy vegetarian cuisine, straight from our gardens.

We also have fresh water fish (salmon or trout), straight from the lake available upon request

Originating in Mexico, Temazcal is a spiritual ceremony conducted in a sweat lodge and celebrated among tribal communities as a way of purifying the body, mind and soul.

Heated volcanic rocks (pumis) are blessed and placed in a central hole, inside the structure. Songs are sung and prayers are offered to the Great Spirit, as we ask for healing, clarity and wisdom from the Divine Within.