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Personal pathways to awakening, healing & empowerment


The Spiral of Light is a week long working retreat of self-discovery. This experience shows you how to move from fear-based living to love-based leadership, the leadership of the self.

To manifest a deep life of meaning and influence it´s necessary to develop core personal practices that empower and enable flourishing.

The Spiral of Light working retreat aims to equip you with skills that connect you with your own personal power, empowering you to be a vehicle of change in the world.

You will learn the fundamental tools you need to live a deeply meaningful life, connected to your purpose, adding momentum towards our collective shift in consciousness and evolution.



What to expect

The retreat has been designed by your guides to be an immersive experiential learning journey – nourishing and stimulating your mind, body and soul.

The programme aims to support you:

  • develop techniques and personal rituals for creating a safe inner space, laying a foundation for spiritual practice.
  • create a dynamic that supports inner dialogue and personal inquiry.
  • explore new ways to enhance your ability to respond to the challenges faced in your life – exercising “response-ability”, the ability to respond.
  • engage in exercises that help you connect to nature, to others, to ourselves and to life.
  • develop practices that empower you to transform into who you imagine you can and want to be.
  • explore new perspectives, paradigms and world views.

Sound practices

The purpose of working with sound is to discover the way it can operate at multilevel areas of your life. Together we will explore simple, practical tools to pacify and reconnect your inner self.

This is an integration instance of life and work didactics, that fosters and integrates a set of techniques , ancient yoga techniques with innovative multidiscipline work, healing sound, improvisation, voice development and is a gateway for our most inner and deep emotions. Attendants  discover practical ways to  implement sound and use their voice in their daily environments and liberate any hindrance in a natural way.  At the same time, attendants discover and  care for their voice. Yet, new skills promote personal growth, joy and bliss. The benefits this practice conveys is based on a practical framework and a systematic application of knowledge both of ancient chanting derived from original or even aboriginal roots as well as an eastern approach to singing, Sound practices and drum performance with healing purposes.

Your journey with sound will explore:

    1. A greater creativity in all senses
    2. General wellbeing
    3. Environmental wellbeing
    4. Cleanliness and harmony
    5. A service action
    6. Personal empowerment
    7. Expansion and access to a superior awareness

We serve vegetarian breakfast, lunches and dinners, which will be provided for you every day and you will have the opportunity to participate in yoga and meditation every morning before breakfast. We have an on sight Thai massage specialist who will give you a free massage upon request. In your free time in the evenings you will have access to the 300 acres of land, which is home to mature temperate rainforest, a beautiful lake and trails waiting to be explored.

We are excited to be offering a sweat lodge (temascal) during your stay. An experience that holds profound potential for our healing and personal evolution.

Your guides

Greg Locke
Co-Founder of Aluantu

Greg has been sharing his process of awakening and transformation with others for the last seven years. Spiral of Light is one thread in a series of learning experiences called ‘Tapestries’ – focusing on our transition from an ego-driven experience to a present, heart-centered experience.


Maria Cuyen
Sound specialist

Maria was trained in 1999 by Silvia Nakache in yoga of the voice at Vox Mundi Project in Argentina. She also studied in the Ahama Foundation in Spain in 1990 with Lorenzo Amaro.


The Spiral of Light will show you a different perspective on who you are – a conscious perspective, your own perspective. We look forward to journeying with you.



6 nights, all meals included
Shuttle service is additional and can be added below

$600 USD


Shared Room

6 nights, all meals included
Shuttle service is additional and can be added below

$725 USD


Single Suite – SOLD OUT

6 nights, all meals included
Shuttle service is additional and can be added below

$1100 USD


Double Suite – SOLD OUT

6 nights, all meals included
Shuttle service is additional and can be added below

$825 USD


Airport Shuttle

Private shuttle service to and from the airport – departure time will be announced

$100 USD


Cancellation policy – a full refund is available up to 48 hours after the initial purchase. After 48 hours a full refund is not available, but credit is offered for future retreats.