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Love the freedom of the wild? Need time out to reconnect with yourself? Interested in `Rewilding`? This 4 day retreat is open to everyone who is curious about mindfulness, our relationship with the natural world and how to create a happier, healthier, more sustainable world! It will be a unique opportunity to deepen your relationship with yourself and others through experiencing the wilderness of the awe-inspiring Patagonian forests, lakes, mountains and rivers around Aluantu.

Through group discussions, mindfulness exercises, games and meditations, Claire Thompson, author of Mindfulness and the Natural World, and the Art of Mindful Birdwatching will inspire you to notice, enjoy, explore, and share experiences of what it feels like to be alive, and part of our beautiful, mysterious natural world. The retreat will also include daily walks around Aluantu.

“Claire has the ability to create an open, relaxed, fun, non-judgemental setting where I felt perfectly at ease and discovered so much about the wonders of being in the wilderness”

The workshop programme will:

  • Introduce mindfulness
  • Explore our relationship with our own experience (body, thoughts, emotions)
  • Explore our relationship with the natural world around us
  • Reveal why the practice of mindfulness in nature is essential for happiness and well-being
  • Explore what ‘rewilding ourselves’ means and how being in nature can bring us closer to our authentic selves
  • Introduce a variety of exercises, games and meditations to discover mindfulness in nature
  • Explore why being mindful of nature is essential for creating of a more sustainable world.

“I loved how much we laughed, had fun, but also had deep connections with nature and thought-provoking discussions. Humour is a fundamental facet of the wild nature of people!” 

About the course leader – Claire Thompson

Claire has worked in international nature conservation for 10 years initially for the World Land Trust, and then for BirdLife International – the largest global international nature conservation partnership. Following the publications of 2 books (Mindfulness and the Natural World in 2012 and The Art of Mindful Birdwatching to be published in June 2017), Claire runs ‘mindfulness in nature’ workshops and retreats for various different audiences with the aim of reconnecting people with themselves and the natural world. She pursues this to fulfill her passion for creating a more mindful, peaceful, and sustainable world and believes that inspiring people to “rewild themselves” is vital is we are to bring more happiness into the world. Claire has an infectious passion for aliveness, authenticity, and wilderness and a great love for Chile’s mountains, volcanoes, forests and wildlife – which inspired her deep love for the natural world when she first visited the region 10 years ago.

For more information, please visit Claire’s website at www.mindfulness-of-nature.com.

“The most impressive thing was the way Claire was able to hold a group of such different people enabling us not just to get on together but to become so close and fond of each other. Through the readings meditations exercises and sharing of her passion for nature I felt a new and beautiful awareness of the connection within myself not just with nature but with our whole group. Claire’s openness made the whole experience a joy and very special”

Booking options


Price includes 3 vegetarian meals a day, accommodation, housekeeping and the course


Shared Suite

Price includes 3 vegetarian meals a day, accommodation, housekeeping and the course


Single Suite

Price includes 3 vegetarian meals a day, accommodation, housekeeping and the course


Double Suite

Price includes 3 vegetarian meals a day, accommodation, housekeeping and the course



Cancellation policy – a full refund is available up to 48 hours after the initial purchase. After 48 hours a full refund is not available, but credit is offered for future retreats.