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Interior Evolution – a therapeutic use of Ayahuasca 

Ayahuasca Retreat with Wilder Sánchez Muñoz

March 25 – March 31

Join Peruvian shaman, Wilder Sánchez Muñoz, a direct descendant of the legendary Shipibo family lineage. Here he will share this ancient and powerful medicine to a small and dedicated group who are in search of truth, healing, love and happiness. (Click here to view Wilders bio)

By working with Ayahuasca, this benevolent jungle medicine can help to show you these qualities in your own Self.

This workshop will consist of a combination of up to 4 (or less if you want) nightly ceremonies and preparation, rest, reflection and sharing during the day. An important detail to know is that it usually takes more than one session to deepen the initial work. We recommend at least 2 ceremonies.

Each ceremony follows the Peruvian Amazonian tradition, where the Ikaro (songs sung by the shaman) acts as a bridge between this world and the spiritual world of light and healing. This energy modulates the harmonious flow of the ritual, guides the work of self-awareness and healing process.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of Ayahuasca:

  • Cleansing of bodily toxins
  • Increase in self awareness
  • Helps to override negative patterns of thought, addiction
  • Expands our understanding of life events
  • Promotes the healing of painful memories
  • Access to deeper levels of contentment, peace and natural joy 
  • Guides us to the self knowing of our Soul.

 The Medicine

Ayahuasca is a concoction of two Amazonian plants (Ayahuasca and Chacruna) used by the indigenous people of the Amazon for thousands of years in order to expand their consciousness and understand the mysteries of life and existence.

In recent years, its psychotherapeutic use has expanded throughout Europe and Latin America, consolidating itself through thousands of testimonies and numerous scientific studies that confirm its great efficacy as a catalyst for the healing process. It is an extraordinary tool of psychotherapy that allows to tackle very deep topics that carry old blockades.

In clearing those, our natural joy can be revealed. 

Schedule & Format

  • Each ceremony will begin at 8pm, when the fire is lit.
  • Healing session lasts about 6-8 hours.
  • Medicine is taken at the beginning of the ceremony with a chance for a second round later on if one desires.
  • Each person will have their own insulating mat and warm blankets. We also recommend bringing your own sleeping bag and additional warm clothing.
  • During the days of ceremonies only breakfast and lunch will be served.
  • The following day will be reserved for you to take some time to yourself to rest, reflect on your experience and share at a group sharing circle if you wish.  


Many people can participate with Ayahuasca treatment but there are a few very important restrictions to know.

People who cannot participate for medical reasons are:

  • Pregnant women 
  • Those with cardiovascular problems, cardiac, and severe hypertension
  • Those who have mental disorders, certain psychiatric diagnoses or epilepsy
  • Those with bone fractures, or have had recent surgeries
  • Those with acute infectious diseases, and/or currently use pharmaceutical medical treatment (natural or synthetic).

Medical treatments that will be in conflict include:

  •  Antidepressants such as SSRIs, MAOS; weight loss pills, antihypertensives, asthma and flu medications, anti-fungal, nervous system depressants
  • If you have a cold or flu, do not take any influenza
  • • Medication that acts on the central nervous system

These medications should be suspended at least 15 days prior to ingestion. 

Medication allowed: 

• For diabetes, arterial hypertension (which does not act directly in the central nervous system) and thyroid regulators.

 In case of psychiatric medication or acting in the central nervous system it is absolutely necessary to consult your doctor. 

 Preparatory Diet 

Contact with the medicine depends, to a large extent, of preparing the body with a responsible and conscious diet. 

The ritual framework of the ceremony begins in the days leading up to the ceremony, where the body, mind and heart are prepared, adjusting to a vegetarian diet. It is advisable to work with the humble intention of learning and with great respect for the sacred space. 

 It is necessary to observe:

  • A rigorous vegetarian diet
  • To abstain from any meat (pork, beef, chicken or seafood). White fish okay if you really need it
  • To abstain from drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs
  • To abstain from sex or release through orgasm

This must be observed strictly for at least one week. 

 Other foods to avoid at least 3 days before:

  •  Caffeinated products: coffee, green tea, black tea, chocolate, coca cola
  • Strong and aged cheeses: blue, goat, Roquefort, etc
  • Processed foods: Junk, fried, canned and excess of sugar

 Recommended Foods: 

  • Fruits, Vegetables and Legumes
  • Rice, Pasta, Cereals and Grains 
  • Basic dairies such a Milk and Cheese
  • Yogurt and Lactose products for the restoration of intestinal flora.
  • Indian vegetarian food, Hare Krishna, etc.
  • Sea or Mountain Salt
  • Vitamins that do not contain Gingko Biloba, Gingsen or some precursor of dopamine
  • Salad dressing, of natural preference

How to Book

Choose the amount of ceremonies you would like for your retreat. Once purchased, this will create your reservation.

The reservation is per personall inclusive and consists of:

  • Three vegetarian meals
  • Shared lodge accommodation (with hot showers & electricity). Camping options if desired.
  • Housekeeping service
  • The Ayahuasca ceremonies

When your reservation is made, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Tickets available

2 nights, 1 ceremony $300 USD

3 nights, 2 ceremonies $500 USD

5 nights, 3 ceremonies $760 USD

6 nights, 4 ceremonies $950 USD

Cancellation policy – a full refund is available up to 48 hours after the initial purchase. After 48 hours a full refund is not available, but credit is offered for future retreats.