Aluantu in the tongue of the native Mapuche people, means ‘connecting to the light within.’ Our mission is to create a collaborative platform for sharing knowledge and spreading wisdom in which the rediscovery of the natural world, our spiritual journey inward and the authentic expression of who we are, can be shared in a safe and nurturing environment.

We are founded on the belief that we are all part of an interconnected web of life and that each one of us contains an inner light that has the potential to illuminate when supported by a vibrant, social, spiritual and natural environment.

Join us at our holistic healing and learning center in the Chilean Patagonia and embark on a journey in celebration of the human spirit.

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Set on the shores of Lake Rupanco, Aluantu combines guided workshops in self inquiry, reflection, meditation, yoga and self-care to inspire and support personal growth and transformation.

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At Aluantu, we work consciously to align with nature to find balance in our ongoing process of transformation. You will be touched by snow-capped volcanoes, ancient forests, powerful waterfalls and the ever changing expression of Lake Rupanco.

Nature will support you every step of your journey

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Connect and share with others, or head to the shores of the lake and find yourself at black volcanic sand beaches. Refresh yourself with a swim in the crystal clear waters of Rupanco or dare yourself to stand under the waterfall. Allow the tranquility of this land to soak into your pores and inspire meditation, reflection, curiosity, wonder, healing and harmony.

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