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Move from fear-based living to love-based leadership, the leadership of the self

What you'll learn :

Sensing purpose and peace through self empathy

Shifting perspectives with nature based practices

Trusting one’s self and one’s process

Living intentionally for clarity and direction

Your personal growth facilitators

Maria Cuyen

Maria was trained in 1999 by Silvia Nakache in yoga of the voice at Vox Mundi Project in Argentina. She also studied in the Ahama Foundation in Spain in 1990 with Lorenzo Amaro. She is a sound therapist, musician and teacher who specializes in providing help for people who need healing. She works with vibro-acoustic instruments: singing bowls, harmonium, drums and flutes.

Gregory Locke

Greg received his formal education in Communication and Social Design in Europe and the United States. Our real journey occurs within us, when we open our hearts and allow Spirit to flow through. We embody our highest expression of spirit through our acts of service to others.
Focused and dedicated for the last 7 years, Greg is inspired to share his process of awakening and transformation with others. Greg’s warm-hearted and direct approach to inner transformation make his self-discovery workshops powerful, memorable and fun!

Retreat description

The Spiral Of Light is a week long retreat with experiential learning at its core. Each day will include pre-breakfast meditation, a blend of sound based workshops priming you for a variety of activities and workshop focused on connecting with the land, yourself and others.

There will be afternoon yoga everyday. Workshops will take place at different locations on the site here, tailored and chosen to optimize your learning experience. You will have free time every day and optional evening activities. All meals are included and will be eaten as a group.
The program will include:
  • Opening ceremony
  • Sound Healing sessions
  • Nonviolent Communication workshop
  • Sharing circles
  • Nature Connection walk
  • Self-inquiry collage
  • Sustainabilty/Living Ecology practices
  • Environment Design workshop
  • Trusting your process workshop
  • Sacred Space workshop
  • Closing ceremony

“I am feeling aligned with my purpose in life.”

“Being here in this beautiful environment around nature where the volcano and the lake are; all nature helped me, with the retreat, to reconnect and really feel myself, my secret place inside where I can give birth to new projects in my life. I am feeling very alive with a lot of motivation, understanding and I am feeling aligned with my purpose in life.”

“This place is truly a paradise.”

“The experience in this place has been wonderful. This place is truly a paradise; all the energy that is here, the contact with nature and the experience of being a part of nature.”

Juan Carlos, Healer, from Santiago

“I am extremely grateful. If I could come back a hundred times I would.”

“This place has given me a really safe place to really explore what’s inside of me and tackle some things that, back at home, you are told shouldn’t matter. Now I feel like I can walk through my day to day life and have the power to understand my feelings, the power to choose what feelings I´m going to feel and which ones I´m going to let go.”

Danielle, from United States

“The collaboration of the sound therapy and the deep introspection was beautiful.”

“During the first opening ceremony we had, I felt this immense love and I immediately knew that this was going to be an absolutely transforming experience for me and everybody else here. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do this retreat and to do it with these incredible other people that I got to know in a way that I haven’t known anyone else before.

Michelle, from United States
“It was a lot more than I could even dream of.”

“I feel happy and relieved that I got to experience this retreat. It was a lot more than I could even dream of. Experiencing sound therapy was very powerful, it brought feelings up that I didn’t even know were there. I have been carrying a lot of pain through these years and I finally learned how to let go that pain and now I feel free and alive.”

Mira, from Finland

“The Spiral of Light is a retreat that has given me the opportunity to grow inside.”

“The Spiral of Light is a retreat that has given me the opportunity to be in a wonderful environment, in contact with nature and that has allowed me to grow inside, discover certain fears that I had hidden and be able to transcend them. The atmosphere has been wonderful with a beautiful group of people that has been important throughout the process.”

Carolina, Healer, from Santiago


From Santiago International Airport (SCL) you can fly to either Osorno or Puerto Montt. If you are joining us via an organized event, an organized pick up will be waiting to greet you. Transport will be shared among all attendees arriving that day and will depart once all attendees have arrived. Please let us know which airport you will be flying to. The drive from Osorno is about 1,5 hours and from Puerto Montt about 2,5 hours. On the day of departure, we will also provide return transport to the airport. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

If you are using your own car or are traveling by bus, please click the following links for more information: Osorno to Aluantu by bus and Osorno to Aluantu by car.

Aluantu has a range of accommodation options, including: single suites, double suites, shared rooms and camping. All types of accommodation are surrounded by natural beauty with majestic views of the surrounding lake and volcanoes. Click here to see more.

We offer three full vegetarian (or vegan) meals a day, which is included in the price. All meals are freshly prepared using local, natural ingredients sourced from the surrounding farms or the retreat center itself.

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February 3 @ 12:00 pm – February 9 @ 5:00 pm

All options include six nights of accommodation and three daily meals. Shuttle service is additional and can be added below.

Forest Camping – $600 USD / person
Shared Room – $725 USD / person
Single Suite (1 person) – $1200 USD
Double Suite (2 people) – $1700 USD
Airport Shuttle – $100 USD

April 17 @ 12:00 pm – April 23 @ 5:00 pm

All options include six nights of accommodation and three daily meals. Shuttle service is additional and can be added below.

Forest Camping – $600 USD / person
Shared Room – $725 USD / person
Single Suite (1 person) – $1200 USD
Double Suite (2 people) – $1700 USD
Airport Shuttle – $100 USD

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